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Stargum Rubber Granules

A World class EPDM Granules

Stargum has used world class innovation over 25 years of experience to create the most rigorously tested EPDM granules on the world stage. Constantly improving raw material and manufacturing techniques not only ensure consistency but deliver a product that is made for all climates to last the test of time.

Stargum Granules have been formulated for use in recreational environments as well as play and leisure surfacing.

Stargum granules are available in 25 standard colors and can be ordered in three granule sizes depending on application.

With projects installed worldwide with Stargum granules we continue to ensure the highest standard for performance in competitive environments and the most durable material for every type of environment.

Soft & Flexible

Stargum granules colorful and elastic properties are perfect to create safe surfaces on playgrounds, professional running tracks and other leisure and recreational surfaces. Public areas where safety and durability are required as well as residential applications.

Weather conditions and UV degradation can cause poorly formulated synthetic and recycled materials to lose elasticity and color fastness. This makes them unable to expand and contract with harsh temperature changes.

When materials are unable to handle the demands of climate changes this affects the performance, aesthetics and safety of the materials being used. Not only does this increase short and long term maintenance costs but the overall safety of the end user.

Stargum is globally recognized for long lasting elasticity because of optimal polymer content of over 24% and raw material development with no added toxic elements. Stargum granules remain soft to the touch and flexible even after extensive UV ageing and sunlight exposure.

Vibrant for the future

Projects that keep their value are projects that are made to last. The lifespan and durability of a rubber surface is key to ensure the investment is realized fully. UV light is the main agent in degrading a surface both structurally and aesthetically.

Stargum has built an unrivalled UV stable package into both its pigments and elasticity for long lasting color retention. Stargum granules are built on the quality of raw materials and this is proven through the long term viability of their projects in all climates across the world.

The Stargum Standard

  • Durable
  • UV Stable
  • Flame-retardant25 standard colors
  • Eco-safe
  • Virgin Material
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A Color to Match any Application

Stargum granules are available in 25 standard colors and can be ordered in three granule sizes depending on application.

White sample color


light grey sample color

Light Grey

Medium Grey sample color

Medium Grey

light blue sample color

Light Blue

sky blue sample color

Sky Blue

Royal Blue sample color

Royal Blue

eggshell sample color


brown sample color


beige sample color


yellow sample color


standard red sample color

Standard Red

traffic red sample color

Traffic Red

black sample color


purple sample color


pink sample color


Orange sample color


may green sample color

May Green

pale green sample color

Pale green

A Long Standing Success

Stargum granules are built on the success of the end user. Whatever project usage, from playgrounds to pool decking the surfacing needs to withstand the harsh demands of outdoor and indoor use.

Stargum granules deliver the ideal formulation of flexibility, UV stability, reliability and unmatched aesthetics on every surface type.

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