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Stargum Rubber Granules

Stargum has been manufacturing various types of rubber products and mixtures for over 40 years. They are always implementing the latest technologies and adhere to ISO 9001 and 14001.

There mission has always been to provide high quality products that meet their customers expectations. Their vastness of knowledge and experience they are able to develop products tailored to customer’s needs and meeting the high standard of both quality and environment.

They are a trusted supplier of granules for sport and leisurely surfaces in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

stargum granules

Alphatic Binders

plixxent Polytech Liquid Polymers logo

Polytech Liquid Polymers Ltd.

Polytech Liquid Polymers is a part of the Plixxent Group. Their team of highly skilled professionals are committed to the research and development that goes into all Polytech products and systems.

They ensure that everything is rigorously tested and perfectly matched to customer specifications, and is compliant with technical and environmental requirements.

Polytech exports globally and their customers have installed their products in every corner of the world. Projects ranging from swimming pool installations to IAAF standard running tracks, pool surrounds and walkways, multi-purpose sports surfaces, and stone binders.

Bounce Back

Our first in the industry rebate program has been set up for our customers to get more for their money. Earn all the way up to a 3%rebate on materials purchased through the Bounce Back Bucks program!

Know how much you spent on product last year? Find out how much you could have saved if you shopped with Bounce Back Surfaces.