High Performance Rubber Paving Products

Our non-toxic, high-quality granules and versatile binders are built to last in harsh Canadian climates.


Our products are built to last in the Canadian climate. You can trust they’re long-lasting durable products with some of the most advanced quality control processes. We offer some of the most rigorously tested EPDM granules, thermoplastic granules, SBR and polyurethane binders available.

Rubber Playground

Synthetic Rubber

  • EPDM Granules

    High-quality synthetic EPDM rubber granules are known for outstanding heat, oxygen and weather resistance. Using only the strongest UV stabilizers with no toxic additives. A polymer content of over 24% ensuring our granules perform better and keep elasticity long into the future.

    • Flexes with ground movements
    • Colours tested under extensive UV trials of duration likeness for 10 years
    • Produced with the highest UV stable components and raw materials available
    • Low impact and non-slip surface
  • Recycled SBR

    High quality SBR is important for a variety of projects. We aim to offer consistent performance in every shipment of SBR purchased. We offer SBR material for cushion layer and recycled EPDM material to help reduce product costs while having low dust content and still being safe to use.


Each colour of rubber that we produce is made with colour fastness in mind. Each colour goes through extensive testing to ensure it will stay consistent batch to batch and the UV capabilities will last years down the road. Not only are these colours beautiful but they contain virtually zero dust content for the end user.



Polyurethane Binders

We offer cost-effective binders for every safety surfacing requirement. Our binders can be used for water play, playgrounds, commercial use, residential use. Indoors and outdoors. we can provide the correct binders and quantities to make your projects last.

  • Aliphatic Binder

    A UV stable binder is necessary to achieve consistency for the EPDM to look the way it should. Offer your customers a product that you know will stay consistent. For peace of mind we recommend the use of our aliphatic binder on the majority of projects

    • Does not amber or yellow when exposed to UV
    • Chemical base offers a longer lasting foundation because it bonds stronger to the rubber
    • Different physical base than aromatic binders so it wears better and lasts longer in all environments
  • Aromatic Binder

    Aromatic binder is a product that originated with rubber paving, and has a different chemical base to aliphatic binder. Aromatic binder can be effective for keeping costs lower when dealing with products that do not show ambering as readily.

    • Mild UV resistance
    • Most effective when using black, brown, dark red, and beige rubber to top surface
    • Doesn’t offer same chemical resistance and inhibitors as aliphatic, but still has strong durability and elasticity
  • Base Binder

    Base binder is a fast curing material that offers no UV resistance to the end user. Typically it is used with recycled material to be a cost effective way to engineer a strong base while keeping costs low. We use the best recycling manufacturers in Canada to maintain quality in the product.

    • Only for products that will see no UV exposure
    • Creates a cushion layer on playgrounds or is a base layer for added support
Polyurethane Binders

Training & Support

Bounce Back Surfaces has extensive experience in training and installing a variety of surfacing products. Our team offers classroom training, on-site training and technical information to help each of our customers become successful in the safety surfacing industry.

If you are new to the industry or looking for a technical edge to help in your selling or installation techniques please contact us to learn more. Our team is here to help you succeed.

Understanding how to install high-quality products is what makes your team successful in using them to the highest standard.


Learning Centre

We’re here to share the valuable industry knowledge and experience we’ve been fortunate to acquire over the years. Have a topic in mind you’d like to know more about? Send us your suggestions here.

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Only the Best Quality Products

Stargum has been producing high quality EPDM in Europe for over thirty years. Bounce Back Surfaces only uses Stargum granules because of their consistency and quality control. By using the highest quality raw materials available they offer material with superior elasticity with great colour fastness that can handle the extremes of the Canadian climate.

Who We Are

Bounce Back Surfaces was founded in 2018, and has since expanded to become the highest quality rubber paving materials supplier in Canada. Our team realized the need for consistency in an industry that lacked it. There is a strong need for rubber paving and durable products in numerous markets throughout Canada due to the harsh climate. Bounce Back Surfaces provides in-depth industry knowledge with over 30 years of combined experience in the surfacing sector. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best product and service to everyone we work with.