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High-Performance,Safety, and Athletic Surfacing

Non-toxic, high-quality rubber granules and polyurethane binders built to last in the diverse climates of the United States and Canada.

About Bounce Back Surfaces

Bounce Back Surfaces is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality rubber granules and polyurethane binders in North America. Our non-toxic and eco-friendly products are built to last in the diverse climates of the USA and Canada, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from running tracks and playgrounds to landscaping and equestrian surfaces.

Durable rubber granules for a variety of applications

Our high-quality rubber granules are made from virgin materials and built to last in the toughest conditions. From playgrounds to running tracks, our granules provide excellent shock absorption, slip resistance, and durability.

Endless Color Combinations

Be inspired by the endless amount of color combinations available for your project

Alphatic Binders

Versatile polyurethane binders for long-lasting results

Bounce Back Surfaces is partnered with MRI Polytech Polyurethane systems, to bring to our customers the most UV stable, strongest and consistent binders we have tested.

MRI Polytech binders are known for their exceptional strength and flexibility, making them ideal for high-impact areas like playgrounds, sports fields, and recreational spaces. When applied to Stargum rubber granules, the binders create a strong, yet cushioned surface that offers excellent shock absorption and impact resistance. This helps minimize the risk of injuries from falls, making it a vital component of recreational safety surfacing.

Bounce Back

Our first in the industry rebate program has been set up for our customers to get more for their money. Earn all the way up to a 3%rebate on materials purchased through the Bounce Back Bucks program!

Know how much you spent on product last year? Find out how much you could have saved if you shopped with Bounce Back Surfaces.

Take the next step

We’re confident that our products, service, and expertise will make us your go-to parter for all your safety and athletic surfacing needs.

Whether you’re a contractor, an architect, or a facilities manager, we’re here to help you achieve outstanding results.