The Importance of High Quality Granules

We understand the importance of high quality granules in an ever changing market and availability.

Where is it made?
Finding where granules are produced is one of the most important pieces to understanding a strong quality of product. By understanding location you can pinpoint the time a company has been manufacturing materials, the processes in creating material, quality of raw materials and track record for products lasting over the years.

How is it processed?
Understanding the process behind production is important when finding a manufacture. We choose to use a sulphur cure system for the EPDM granules that we put in production. This process of vulcanizing the rubber has been tested and proven to last far longer than peroxide based granules. Production is far easier to regulate and our UV inhibitors have a stronger chemical bond to the granular base.

What are the quality control guidelines?
What are the quality controls for the product you are purchasing? Every colour we produce must go through thorough UV testing, colour matching and filtering before it is sent out. Our dust content is virtually zero which means the product our customers receive will have a quicker saturation requirement when mixed with binder. The sizing is always consistent and batches with be monitored long after they have been put in production.