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Aliphatic Binders

The importance and using the proper binder and the long term effects of these decisions.

High Price DOES NOT mean high quality:
Anybody that has purchased aliphatic binder knows it is extremely important when working with the majority of synthetic rubber applications. Aliphatic binders are created to not only bind granules together but to do so while preserving the original colour of the granules used. The inhibitors used in aliphatic binders typically offer it superior UV resistance compared to aromatic and base binders.

Aromatic binders are stronger because they have less inhibitors. Aromatic binders are a better quality binder because they are less affected by the elements such as ground moisture and rain.
A high-quality aliphatic binder is a far superior material to any aromatic you can purchase on the market. Aside from being manufactured with a completely different chemical base they offer longer-lasting protection to the elements and keep UV exposure from affecting surfaces far longer than an aromatic installation. You do need to be more careful with aliphatic binders when it comes to significant moisture but typically it is good practice to prevent installing when significant moisture is expected.

A high-quality aliphatic binder is the importance to many projects lasting the test of time. Here a few things to look for:
1.) Clarity- the material should be as clear as possible. Significant yellowing is an indicator or low quality, past expiration or the end of the production cycle.

2.) Water Testing- moisture should not affect your aliphatic once it is set. If you place a rubber paving sample in water for a long period of time it should not change in appearance or size. Expansion is a strong indicator or poor chemical components.

3.) Cure Time and Resistance- Lower quality aliphatics typically have raw materials that slow cure time. If your binder is extremely sensitive to moisture during and after installation this is yet another good indicator of poor chemical components.

It is important to note that installation and correct quantities are some of the most vital components to binders lasting well. The key is understanding and seeing binders that have been in production for long periods of time. We have worked years to find the best materials possible from numerous manufacturers.

We offer amazing aliphatics. Period.